How Often Does Best Buy Restock Pokemon Cards?

How Often Does Best Buy Restock Pokemon Cards

“Gotta catch ’em all” is the Pokemon catchphrase and how fans feel about collecting cards. Pokemon cards are a hot seller, and when new ones are released fans want to get them quickly. When it comes to finding new Pokemon cards, a lot of collectors go to Best Buy first. But, how often does Best Buy restock Pokemon cards?

If you’re an avid collector, you’ll likely notice that Best Buy usually restocks the Pokemon cards bi-weekly. However, certain big releases could change the release date. If a highly anticipated set is about to drop, Best Buy may restock the Pokemon cards earlier or later to match the release date.

Do you want to be first in line when new Pokemon cards are released at Best Buy? On this page, we’re going to discuss how often Best Buy stocks the Pokemon cards so you can get them on time. Keep reading to find out what days you need to visit the store, what cards you can find, and more.

What Days Does Best Buy Restock Pokemon Cards?

Before you get out your planner and start marking down dates to buy Pokemon cards, you should know one thing first. Best Buy stocks the Pokemon cards randomly. It can be difficult for collectors to keep track of exactly which days the cards will come in because of this.

Since Best Buy will stock the cards according to release dates and as they come in, it’s recommended to call the location closest to you for more details. 

However, many avid Pokemon card collectors have noticed some patterns in the Best Buy restocking process. When there are no major Pokemon release dates on the calendar, they will restock the cards every other week. These cards will usually be put out on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  

There isn’t a set time for the cards to be restocked either, but many collectors have noticed that they are released in the morning. They often get restocked between 9:30 am and 11:30 am.

If you are checking the Best Buy website on a release date, it’s a good idea to be ready during this timeframe. However, there have been occasions when they are restocked closer to 12.

What Company Stocks Pokemon Cards at Best Buy?

Best Buy get their products delivered from DC trucks. However, trying to keep up with when the trucks arrive with new stock will not help you get the Pokemon cards any sooner. When Best Buy receives the new stock, the shipments could arrive any time between 8 am and 7 pm. 

Once the inventory arrives, it needs to be sorted. Any new products that arrive likely won’t make it to the shelves for at least 2 hours. However, if there is a set of Pokemon cards that arrives on that truck that has a predetermined release date, that set will be held onto until that date.

Did Best Buy Stop Selling Pokemon Cards?

When we say that people are serious about collecting Pokemon cards, we mean it. Not only are people willing to pay a lot of money for these collectible cards, but they are also capable of committing some extreme acts over these cards.

From fights breaking out in the store between customers to employees being verbally assaulted over these cards, many stores have had to draw the line with trading cards.

The safety of employees and customers is always the top priority for many retailers. Some popular franchises, like Wal-Mart and Target, have stopped selling Pokemon cards (as well as other trading cards) due to the violent outbreaks that were happening in the stores.

It’s becoming more difficult for collectors to get their hands on Pokemon cards, especially since many stores are suspending the service. However, Best Buy has no plans on pulling Pokemon cards off of their shelves anytime soon. If you want more cards for your collection, Best Buy is one of the top franchises to check out.

What Types of Pokemon Cards Does Best Buy Sell?

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Best Buy is known for having a great selection of Pokemon cards for its customers to choose from. However, if you are buying these cards in-store you should keep in mind that they sell out fast. While Best Buy does receive a variety of Pokemon cards to restock, they may not last long on the shelf at all.

A certain set may be available online, it could be sold out at the nearest store. The same can also be said for Best Buy’s online selection of Pokemon cards. If you’re browsing the selection online and don’t find the set you’re after, you still may be able to find it in a store.

Best Buy does keep its online selection stocked on a regular basis. Some of the Pokemon card types people can order online include: 

  • Pokemon TCG: Sword ; Shield -Vivid Voltage sleeved booster
  • Pokemon TCG: Shining Fates mini tin
  • Pokemon TCG: Sword ; Shield -Chilling Rain sleeved booster
  • Pokemon TCG: V Strikers tin
  • Pokemon TCG: V Battle Decks Bundle -Victini vs Gardevoir
  • Pokemon TCG: Shining Fates Mad Party Pin Collections ; more

To check the current price and availability of Pokemon Booster Boxes, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

Can You Pre-Order Pokemon Cards at Best Buy?

For big release dates, many entertainment companies allow customers to place pre-orders. While this may be possible with books and video games, customers are unable to place pre-orders for Pokemon cards. Even though Best Buy doesn’t allow pre-orders for Pokemon cards, doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

A good way to stay in the loop is to sign up for Best Buy’s email list or follow them on social media. By doing this you are likely to find out information quicker about when new Pokemon cards will be available on the website.

If you prefer buying cards in-store, give Best Buy a call when you know of a new Pokemon card bundle that is set to release for more information. This can help to give you a better idea of what timeframe they will be hitting the shelves.

Final Thoughts

Best Buy always plans to restock Pokemon cards based on upcoming release dates of highly-anticipated. When there are no big release dates coming up, Best Buy will usually plan to restock the shelves bi-weekly. Depending on the location, they are likely to restock on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. New cards are usually available later in the morning hours.

Even though many retailers have pulled trading cards off of their shelves, Best Buy continues to keep collectors happy with their wide selection of Pokemon trading cards. Customers can find a variety of cards available at Best Buy locations and on their official website. We recommend to follow them on social media to know exactly when new cards will be released.

Pokemon cards have become even more popular over the years, and collectors are having a more difficult time than ever before getting new cards for their collections. Some collectors are spending hundreds of thousands on special Pokemon cards. If you want a certain card it may be a challenge. These cards sell out incredibly fast, so when a new pack gets released you’ll need to act fast. 

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