How Often Should a Snooker Table Be Ironed?

how often should a snooker table be ironed

Maintaining your snooker table by ironing it is important to keep your game going smoothly. A smoother table will ensure that the balls will be moving at their optimal speed and direction. You may be wondering, how often should a snooker table be ironed?

A snooker table should be ironed daily. Daily ironing helps to efficiently maintain your snooker table for a longer lifespan and improve the quality of the game.

There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to ironing your snooker table. How often you iron, the type of iron, the temperature, and properly brushing the table before ironing all play an important role when it comes to snooker table maintenance.

Benefits of Daily Ironing

Daily ironing your snooker table cloth helps to:

  • Prolong the life of the cloth
  • Keep your ball movements at a fast pace
  • Maintain nap effect on the table

If you are beginning to notice any wrinkles or slow ball movements on your snooker table, it is time to iron it. 

Not only are you going to keep your table under optimal conditions, but you’re also going to save yourself money in the future from having to repair or buy a new snooker table felt. 

What Iron Should I Use for a Snooker Table?

You can use either a thermostatic or non-thermostatic iron specifically made for snooker tables. The thermostatic iron heats up to the desired temperature more accurately and is therefore the better choice to prevent scalding your snooker table. 

Designated snooker table irons may cost quite a bit, but they are worth every penny. They have been specially made for the task of smoothing and flattening out your snooker table’s felt.

How to Iron a Snooker Table

Always brush your table first. Use a specially made brush that is designed for snooker tables and brush from the “D” end to the “spot” end. 

After brushing, you should block your table. This involves wrapping your brush in a damp cloth and using the other side of the brush to go from the “D” end to the “spot” end. 

When it comes time to iron, make sure it is not too hot by testing on a newspaper first. If the paper becomes scorched, you need to let the iron cool down for a bit. 

Iron the same direction as you brushed and blocked, being sure to overlap where you previously ironed to prevent lines from appearing. Make sure that you never iron the cushions, only the table. 

What Is the Optimal Temperature to Iron a Snooker Table At?

Optimally, your iron should be set between 290 degrees to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s 143 degrees to 148 degrees Celsius. This ensures that the felt is not scorched while still receiving enough heat to actually smooth it out.

Letting your iron fully heat up before using is also crucial. If you start ironing too soon, you may not be getting all the benefits from a properly heated iron. Ironing your snooker table once your iron is up to temp will help save you time and effort from having to go over your table more than once.

What Happens if You Iron Without Brushing and Blocking the Table?

If you iron before brushing and blocking the table, you could iron marks into the table that will significantly affect the appearance as well as the speed of play. 

Brushing helps to remove any chalk or residue from your table. Blocking the table helps remove cue stab marks and excess dust. If not done together before ironing, you could possibly ruin your table instead of prolonging its life. 

Accidently ironing over chalk or residue can permanently stain your snooker table’s felt. This is a very common mistake many people make when they are first learning how to maintain a snooker table. Not only is this mistake common, but it is also very costly as you will need to have new felt installed on your table if the damage cannot be undone.

Can I Use a Normal Iron on My Snooker Table?

Most people will tell you not to use a normal iron on your snooker table. However, if you are extremely careful and cannot get your hands on a snooker table iron, it can be done. It is not a suggested way of ironing though.

In order to use a normal iron, you need to turn off the steam setting and turn on the wool setting. You need to be sure the iron is completely clean and that you take extra care to ensure that it is not too hot.

Normal Irons Run the Risk of Damaging Your Snooker Table

Normal irons may contain stains that can damage your table. They also tend to heat up quickly which can result in scalding the table.

Another problem is that they are filled with water that can leak out onto the table. The steam from them is also detrimental and should always be turned off. 

Finally, normal irons are meant to iron thicker materials and therefore extra care should be taken to ensure they do not damage the thin felt of a snooker table. 

Final Thoughts

Maintaining your snooker table on a daily basis will help to keep you at the top of your game. The player is only as good as the table. If your table is slow and scuffed up, you’re not going to be playing to the best of your ability.

Remember to use the correct iron with the correct temperature when ironing your snooker table. This will greatly reduce the risk of damage or premature wear due to scalding.

Proper maintenance includes brushing, and blocking your table before you iron it. Start incorporating daily maintenance on your snooker table if you haven’t already, and start reaping the benefits.

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