How Tight Should Your Fingers Be in a Bowling Ball?

How Tight Should Your Fingers Be in a Bowling Ball

When you are choosing the right bowling ball for you most people will only consider how heavy the ball feels and will simply tighten their grip in the holes accordingly. If the ball is heavier then they will assume a tighter clasp than if the ball is very light.  Your fingers should fit snug in the bowling ball, but still be able to able to move in and out of the holes easily, but not slip off.

However, many people do not actually consider that there is a correct tightness for your fingers in the bowling ball. If the holes are too big or too loose then you can cause yourself some serious damage. The better the fit is for your fingers the safer you will be and also the better you will be able to throw as your grip will be correct.

So, here we will tell you all about how tight your fingers should be in the bowling ball and how to know if the holes are drilled correctly.

How Do You Know if Your Bowling Ball Is Drilled Properly?

The best way to know whether or not your bowling ball is drilled properly is to check how it feels on your hand. Although a professional will be able to judge simply from looking at your hand in the ball if it fits correctly, you will be the best judge of fit.

Firstly, you should make sure that your thumb is loose in the thumb hole. It should be loose yet tight enough to be able to let go of it without gripping it. You should be able to insert your whole thumb into the ball whilst your other knuckles are poking out. This will make sure that you have the correct grip.

If you are experiencing any pain in your hand or cuts on your skin then this is a clear sign that your bowling ball was not drilled properly, or at least that it is not the right fit for you. In this case, you should avoid using this particular ball in case of further injuries.

There should not be any sharp edges to the holes and they should be smooth to the touch. If there are any rough parts then the ball was not drilled correctly and you could cause yourself harm. In this instance, it is best to retire this bowling ball or take it to an expert’s shop to see if they can repair the damaged parts.

Fit on Your Fingers

When it comes to the fit on your fingers the bowling ball’s holes should fit them snuggly. They should not be so tight that your fingers get stuck but just tight enough to ensure that you do not have to grip too tightly.

You do not want the bowling ball flying off of your hand but, at the same time, you also do not want your arm going with the ball when you try to throw it!

Holding the Ball

There are many different ways to hold a bowling ball and so this will affect how you should have it in your hands. If you use the typical grip then your knuckles should be down the second joint within the bowling ball. This, as we have said, does not include your thumb which should be as far into the bowling ball as possible. 

However, if you use the fingertip grip when bowling then you should ensure that your fingers are only inserted into the bowling ball as far as the first joint whilst your thumb is still entirely inserted into the ball. 

With these grips, you should make sure that the palm of your hand is lying flat against the bowling ball’s surface. You should not need to strain your hand in order to comfortably place your fingers and thumb in the holes.

Gap from the Ball to Your Hand

Similarly, you should not have a large amount of space between the palm of your hand and the bowling ball’s surface. If this is indeed the case then the span of the ball is too small for you. You can have this corrected at any expert bowling shop.

If all of these errors are corrected then the last thing to ensure is that there is more pressure placed on the fingers than on the thumb. The pads of your fingers should take most of the weight of the bowling ball, leaving the thumb with very little to support.

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How Do You Fit Yourself for a Bowling Ball?

If you are an expert then chances are that you will buy your own professional-style bowling ball and have it drilled according to your hands. This way you can ensure that you will end up with a bowling ball that is perfectly suited to your hand size, width and also your grip of preference.

However, for most of us, we will have to be able to know how to fit ourselves for a bowling ball. There are several things to take into consideration when fitting yourself for a bowling ball. So, before you just go ahead and grab any ball at chance to bowl with you should consider the following things.

Which Grip Are You Going to Use?

There are two main grips when it comes to bowling: fingertip grip or the conventional grip. You should use whichever method is most comfortable for you as this means that you will be more likely to get a higher score. Just because everyone uses one grip method does not mean that you should.

How Large Are Your Hands

The span of the ball will be very obvious when you place your fingers into the ball. Ideally, you will want your palm to lie completely flush against the coverstock of the bowling ball. This means that if there is too much air between your hand and the bowling ball then the span is too small.

Also, you should not be straining your hand to fit your fingers into the holes. You should find a happy medium.

Learn How Your Fingers Should Sit

The easiest way to tell if a bowling ball is right for you and will be comfortable for you to use is how your fingers sit in the drilled holes.

For both grips, you will want to make sure that your thumb sits the entire way into the bowling ball. For the conventional grip, the fingers should be inserted until the second knuckle whilst for the fingertip grip they should only go in until the first knuckle.

If this span is comfortable for you then you will next want to consider the width of the holes. Your fingers should be able to move in and out of the holes easily but not slip off. Ideally, it should be a snug fit.

Final Thoughts

Most people neglect to think about how their fingers sit in the holes of a bowling ball. Typically, they will consider the weight, material, and even color of the bowling ball, but forget about the holes. However, this is a mistake as the holes play a very important part. 

You will want to ensure that the ball slides easily off of your hand but not so easily that you have no control over it. The way that you grip the bowling ball will be evident when it is rolling down the lane.

So, follow the guide above to ensure that you are using the right bowling ball and give yourself the best score possible.

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