What Are Dart Tips Made Out Of?

what are dart tips made out of

Darts is an incredibly fun game to play at your local bar or in your basement with a bunch of friends. Have you ever wondered what your darts are made out of?

You’d probably be surprised to learn that not all darts are made out of the same material, and this is especially true for the tips of the darts. What are dart tips made out of? Dart tips are either made of tungsten, brass, nickel, or a flexible plastic (soft tip).

Different materials and metals have varying weights and densities. Some types of materials are more ideal for darts because of their ability to fly through the air and stick into the dartboard. There are steel tip darts and soft tip darts. What are they made out of, and which type is better? Let’s take a look.

Steel Tip Darts

Steel tip darts have been used since the game of darts was invented. They weigh just under an ounce, but there are some that weight more. They are also incredibly durable, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking if they hit into the wall or the floor. 

Steel tip darts are made out of brass, silver, nickel, copper, and tungsten. Tungsten is the most common type or dart tip that is used in competitive play.


Tungsten is super dense, and this allows for more weight within a smaller tip, reducing the amount of bounce-outs. The dense tip also allows for better control of the dart and where you are throwing it. This tip will also be most resistant to wear, so it is recommended to those who play darts very frequently. 

The dense tip of a tungsten dart also allows the dart to fly through the air at a faster rate than others. Since it is also more controlled, your dart is more likely to fly in a straight line and end up where you planned it to.

We recommend checking out Shot! tungsten darts. This set of tungsten darts, called Birds of Prey, is made out of 90% tungsten and is of professional quality. A high quality dart can help improve accuracy and decrease dart bounce outs.

You also will not have to worry about the weight of a tungsten tipped dart shifting, as they are not likely to wear down.

Tungsten darts are strong enough to be used as frequently as you would like, so they are a great purchase. When choosing a dart made out of tungsten, the percentage counts.

Darts with a higher percentage of tungsten will be the best you can find. However, the price will match the quality. This is why they are recommended for serious dart players.


Brass is the most common because the material is inexpensive. They are typically aimed towards beginners because they don’t require much investment if you decide you aren’t a fan of the game and stop playing.

Brass is also softer than nickel or tungsten, but it also has the ability to wear down quickly. The lighter material also increases bounce-out.


Nickel is also inexpensive but tends to be a tad bit more expensive than brass. Darts with nickel tips are usually the best choice for beginners that are planning on playing frequently. The tips are harder and more durable, so you do not have to worry about them wearing down easily.

Soft Tip Darts

soft tip dart

Soft tip darts are used with electronic dartboards but can also be used with traditional dartboards. The tips are flexible and plastic, allowing them to easily lodge into the holes that are on the dartboard.

The plastic tip darts are lighter than steel tip darts, so they can be weighted to fit your needs. 

These types of darts can be used on the typical bristle board, but the plastic tip can wear down pretty quickly due to the metal wire used on these types of boards. Your plastic tip will be eaten up by the bristle, and there really isn’t a way to stop this from happening. 

Soft tip darts are increasing in popularity across the United States. There are even some leagues that only use soft tip darts, no steel darts allowed. They are also becoming more popular in Canada and Europe.

This is because they have become a marketable asset to both operators and manufacturers of darts. 

Which is Better: Soft or Steel?

Steel tip darts are most commonly used with bristle dartboards. They have a very sharp point that allows them to stick to the fibers of the board. It is also common for steel tip darts to come with separate and removable parts that allow you to fix the dart to your playing style.

Soft tip darts are flexible and have an easy time sticking to dartboards. They are usually lighter than steel tip darts, so you can adjust the weight however you would like. 

Choosing which dart is better comes down to your own personal preference and it how seriously you are planning on playing.

If you are going to be playing darts frequently, or you are considering joining a league, steel tips are going to be best for you. They are durable and don’t wear down quickly.

Soft tip darts are great if you are going to be playing at home with an electric dartboard, or if you don’t want to accidentally put a ton of holes in your wall. 

Final Thoughts

If you are just getting into darts, you might not know what makes one type of dart different from another. Don’t worry, it’s not something that most people know.

There are different types of dart tips, steel and soft. Steel tip darts are usually made out of materials like brass, nickel, and tungsten. Soft tip darts are plastic and lighter than steel tips. Choosing a dart tip is completely up to you, your preference, and how often you plan on playing darts.

If you are just going to play when you have friends over for a get together, you would like soft tip or brass tip. If you are going to play frequently, you should invest in a set of tungsten tip darts. They are the most durable and resistant to wear.

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