Where Do Card Shops Get Their Cards?

where do card shops get their cards

Suppose you enjoy frequenting card shops to check out new Pokemon, Yugioh, or Magic the Gathering trading cards. In that case, you might be wondering where the stores get them. Most hobby and card shops get their products from a manufacturing distributor, ensuring the cards arrive in great condition.

Some stores will also buy and resell cards or other merchandise, depending on the type of store. However, most will be fairly priced, so you never have to worry about shopping with local card stores.

We recommend that you continue reading for those who want to learn more about where their cards are coming from. We made sure to include all the little details on the topic in this article! Let’s begin.

Wholesale Card Distributors

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Most stores will buy their new cards and booster boxes right from wholesale trading card distributors. For example, the GTS Distribution company is one of the leading wholesale distributors. They have been creating products since 1976 and are the ones responsible for distributing Pokemon cards.

If you were a card distributor, you could obtain cards at a wholesale price. There are many different places to check out, although they will need to approve you first. If you run a card store of your own, you could receive approval from the distributor to sell Pokemon or other trading cards.

Do Card Shops Buy Bulk Cards?

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Card shops will often buy their cards in bulk and sort through them. They will sell the individual card at a higher price. Some stores also add their extra trading cards to grab bags and mystery boxes, which often sell quite well.

Some will offer a trade with a booster box. For example, you come in with 2,000 bulk Yugioh cards. Once the staff assesses them, they offer you a booster box in exchange. While this offer may seem like a better deal for you, the store is making money on the offer.

Did you know that prices of Yu-Gi-Oh booster boxes can actually sell for much higher than retail? This is simply due to the supply and demand of the boxes currently on the market. Click here to check out some of the current market prices of these booster boxes.

They will sell the cards individually or add them to mystery boxes. Over time, they will more than make up for the booster box price they traded you. Stores will also sell bulk cards amongst each other to turn profits.

Overall, any card store is going to work with bulk cards. The ones that do so well will be the most successful. There are tons of bulk cards floating around the market, making it a good way to make money if you know how to sell them.

What They Do With Bulk

Some stores will even trade with their customers, allowing them more options to make a profit. For example, a store may offer to buy 1,000 cards from you in exchange for a $5 store credit. The store can sell your cards and make money when you shop around and spend your credits- since you will likely buy more than $5.

Many hobby stores will create mystery boxes. They usually include a set number of random cards. Inevitably, some of their bulk cards are going to be in the mix. While you might receive a rarer card here or there, it is much less likely. Still, mystery boxes are usually very cheap and fun for collectors.

If you need to sell some of your extra cards, you will want to make sure they are in good condition. Stores will only buy trading cards they know they can sell- meaning they don’t want anything wrinkled, bent, or torn. Even if it’s a common card, you need it to be in good condition for stores to take them off your hands.

How Do Card Shops Make Money?

Most shop owners who work with Magic the Gathering cards consider them an investment. When certain cards become popular in tournaments or collectors, want them suddenly, the demand increases. When demand for a certain card goes up, so does the price. Some stores will hold cards for years until they become popular enough to make a profit again.

While most stores sell cards, there are plenty of other ways to earn money. Many will carry other merchandise and offer tournaments. With tournaments, people playing will usually buy snacks, cards, sleeves, books, and more on top of their seats in the event. These functions can be very lucrative nights for trading card stores.

There are plenty of different ways for these shops to make money. As long as they advertise and have a steady stream of interested players and collectors coming in, they make money.

Selling Online

Today, you can likely find that many of your favorite card stores also have pages online. They likely sell additional wares there, allowing you to browse through their cards when you can’t make it in person.

Many also allow you to order from them online. We recommend that you follow your favorite stores’ social media pages, too, since they will likely post about deals or new incoming cards there.

Selling cards online is becoming more and more popular. With people tending to stay home, this method has helped many small businesses stay afloat. If you want to support your local card shops, make sure to check if they also are selling their cards online. You may be surprised at what great deals you find!

Final Thoughts

In short, there are plenty of places that a local card shop could get their wares. Many buy, sell, and trade with their customers, allowing them to gather cards in bulk. They then sell these cards in various ways.

However, most of their merchandise is going to come from a mass distributor. There are plenty of options in America and Canada. These companies can provide card stores with Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, and Pokemon cards alike.

If you are interested in bulk cards, you can always visit your local card store and ask. You may find that they have good deals for getting rid of cards that you can’t use. Plus, most of these card stores are small businesses that would always appreciate your support and interest.

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