Do Card Shops Buy Cards?

do card shops buy cards

There are many card shops in the market today, and you may be wondering if they would buy your card from you. The truth of the matter is that there are many different places out there where people can sell their used or unused trading cards to get some cash back for them. 

Card stores will typically buy cards that you are looking to get rid of – including packs of trading cards like Magic: The Gathering; Pokemon Cards (either old school ones or Sun ; Moon); YuGiOh Cards, Sports Trading cards, and more!

Read on to discover what cards shops will typically pay for various types of cards. We will discuss average rates for Yugioh and Pokemon cards, and other popular trading cards. In addition to the value of the cards, we will go through where you may be likely to sell these cards.

Card Shops That Buy Cards

In addition to card stores, there are also card shops that specialize in trading card games like Pokémon or YuGiOh, where they might buy packs of cards from you. These places usually have a section on the site just for buying cards from customers, which can be helpful if you’re looking to get back some cash without getting rid of your entire collection.

Online card shops are becoming more popular since people don’t need to leave their homes to sell their cards. These online shops often offer shipping options, so even customers who live out in remote areas won’t miss out on what’s available!

How Much Do Card Shops Buy Cards For?

Most card shops usually buy at about 35% to 50% on average per card depending on its condition, rarity, etc., but there are exceptions such as high-end sports trading cards that might be worth up to 80%. Its rarity or availability can determine the value of your card to collectors.

The value of various cars is the most common question for brick-and-mortar stores and online stores like eBay. A lot goes into calculating how much a card shop will pay you when buying cards from your collection. It depends on:

  • Where you live.
  • Which type of card(s) they’re looking to add to their inventory or trade binder.
  • Whether they have any in-demand trading needs that need filling right away. 

A quick search on eBay reveals some sellers get $0.01 – 0.03 per card or about three cents for a common card and ten to fifteen cents for an uncommon card (e.gBattle For Zendikar Expedition Land).

How Much Do Card Shops Pay For Pokemon Cards?

Card shops typically pay for each type of card as follows: Reverse Holographics: $0.06, Rares: $0.05, Commons and Uncommons: $0.02 per card and Energy Cards are priced at a rate of $0.005 or less per card, which is surprisingly low when you think that cards like Black Lotus cost just under 5 cents on the market today! 

A store might buy your common card for $0.05 to $0.10, but they typically pay more if it is rare or in good condition. The price stores pay for these cards is similar to the other game types.

They will usually make about $50-$60 when you sell a box of boosters and mark up the cost by an additional $20 on average. This might sound like a lot initially, but such transactions yield around an extra dollar per card on average, netting them close to a total of $0.50-$70 per unit sold.

You can’t always get the best price for your cards at a card shop because they usually have fixed pricing policies with rare exceptions when they offer discounts or sales on individual items. Buyers can negotiate prices and trade within certain limits (e.g., a buyer can ask for an item priced at $100 plus tax).

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How Much Do Card Shops Pay for Magic the Gathering Cards?

Card shops will usually buy a Magic: the Gathering card for the current average market price. For example, card shops may pay $150 for an Ultra Rare foil Jace Beleren that was previously opened by someone who decided they didn’t want it anymore or had duplicates of it after opening other packs that contained one. 

This decision may depend on how rare the card is and how much money the card shop would be willing to pay. Card shops typically pay between $0.05 and about $0.25 per unit for most Magic cards, but there are some exceptions to this rule of thumb. Most shops buy their new releases in bulk at a discounted price ($80).

Most shops then mark up the prices and sell them for an average price of $100-110 per box. Buying in bulk for the cards is typically a lower-risk option, especially for Magic. For many players, buying singles allows them to sell their rare cards if someone wants them to fill out a collection/combine two sets.

Card shops may trade for valuable Magic: The Gathering singles instead of cash, such as purchasing your entire card binder worth commons for an extremely hard-to-find foil mythic like Brainstorm, which was first released back in the early 2000s but hasn’t had another printing since then.

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How Much Do Card Shops Pay For Yugioh Cards?

Card shops will buy all kinds of Yu-Gi-Oh card singles, such as rare ones or commons, depending on what’s available at any point in time. When trading cards, it is essential to make sure that card shops offer something valuable as a trade.

Many Yu-Gi-Oh packs contain a poor assortment of cards which is making them hard to sell. This has caused many to estimate that card shops purchase Yu-Gi-Oh cards for an average of $60, with the most valuable box valued at $10 or more.

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How Much Do Card Shops Pay for Sports Cards?

Card shops buy sports cards for a percentage of the card’s value. For example, if you have a card worth $150 and has been graded by Beckett Sports Grading Services to be in excellent condition with no creases or tears, then the card shop might offer you 85% of that value. 

The card shop might also offer a card grading service to check the condition of your card. They’ll determine what grade it is and adjust how much they pay accordingly (keeping in mind that an excellent card will get more money from them). 

If you have cards with creases or tears, don’t bother trying to sell them as this won’t be worth their time. It’s always best to look for something graded by at least Beckett Sports Grading Services or PSA/DNA if possible because these are trustworthy companies that can give you benefits such as free insurance on your card against damage.

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How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Cards

Finding the best value for your trading card collection is not an easy task. You will need to set a price range for your card, estimate the card condition and look up how much card shops pay on average for cards in that specific grade. 

Most card shops have a policy of paying more money for higher-end cards. Still, they are looking at other factors, including what you’re trading with them and the value of their inventory, so it’s essential to do some research about which store offers the best rates based on your needs.

There are many places where people buy or sell sports cards, from card stores to online markets like eBay and Amazon. Selling online can be more profitable than selling to a card shop but consider the costs of shipping, packaging, and listing fees.

As with any business transaction, make sure to protect yourself by knowing what you’re dealing with when buying from a card shop, including understanding their policy on returns and refunds just in case there is an issue after purchasing something. You should also know how long they will send items back if necessary, as well as where they ship to.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to sell your trade cards, there are a variety of different places that will buy them from you. Card stores typically buy trading card packs and individual cards like Magic The Gathering or Pokemon Cards. Rates on these cards will typically vary with the rarity and condition of the card as well as regional rates specific pricing. 

It’s always best to do some research before selling off any type of collection so that you know the going rates for each one. If there’s no shop around where you live, but instead, there’s a comic book store or another type of hobby game retailer. 

If you have no other options for finding card shops nearby, it might also be worth checking out comic book stores or hobby game retailers as some people may sell their old ones there too. Online card shops can offer you another option if there isn’t a card shop nearby. These shops offer similar prices to traditional card shops with more convenience.

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