Will Vanish Remove Candle Wax?

Will Vanish Remove Candle Wax

Vanish can help remove candle wax from surfaces in the case of an accident. Stains are easy to cause no matter how careful you are. Thankfully, there are a slew of products on the market to tackle just about any type of stain you can think of without causing irreparable damage to your things.

If you are a candle lover, you have probably learned by now that dripping candle wax is unavoidable. While many candles have their wax contained in canisters, some are free-standing, and can drip if you’re not careful. Despite how hot candle wax can get, it seems to dry up quickly when it hits a surface it’s not supposed to be on, thus leaving a candle wax stain. 

While candle wax stains can be stubborn, they are not impossible to remove. Don’t panic if you notice a little drip; you can use Vanish to remove candle wax and avoid as much damage to your belongings as possible. You will have to put a little bit of work in to get the candle wax out, but it’s worth it to avoid having to replace your belongings. 

What Is Vanish Used For?

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Vanish has a product line to tackle pretty much any type of stain you can imagine. They have several formulas, including gels, powders, and liquids. Vanish can be found in many parts of Europe, Africa, and Latin America, to name a few, but in North America, some of their products are found under the Resolve brand name. 

There are Vanish products that can remove tough stains from any material, including stubborn stains such as wine, coffee, and even candle wax. There are also products that can be used to boost the power of your laundry cycle. Some products even treat tough-to-clean areas such as carpets and upholstery. 

Vanish has become a popular solution for keeping things clean since its inception. They continue to put out products to ensure you can get any stain out of anything with ease. 

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Will Vanish Remove Candle Wax?

There is no specific product that Vanish produces that is formulated exclusively for removing candle wax. However, their Power stain remover is effective at removing candle wax from surfaces. It will not be as simple as just treating the spot with stain remover, though. 

Candle wax can be a pesky thing to remove. There are a few steps you will have to take before you pull out the Vanish to remove a candle wax stain or spot. 

How to Use Vanish to Remove Candle Wax

You want to start by gently scraping the candle wax you are trying to remove with a knife or spoon. This will allow you to get some of the dried wax off. Chances are, you’ll be able to get anything solid that has dried on the surface off. There will be some residue left over, however, that has sunk into the stained material. 

After you have scraped off as much wax as possible, you will want to place paper towels under and over the stain. You can also use blotting papers if you have them available, as there is less of a chance of fibers transferring onto the other material. When you have done this, you want to place a regular towel on top.

Then, use a hot iron to melt the wax, thus transferring it onto the paper towel or blotting paper. The heat will warm up the wax and cause it to become more pliable. Having the paper among the stain will encourage the wax to transfer onto the paper. 

If you don’t have an iron, you can also use a blow dryer as your heat source to melt the wax. You will still want to place paper towels or blotting papers on the front and back of the stain. Direct the heat from the blow dryer onto the stain for five minute intervals, blotting at the stain with a paper towel after each interval to slowly remove it. 

Once you have finished transferring the wax to the paper towels with heat, you may notice there is still some residue left over on the stained item. You will want to use your Vanish to blot out the stain and then let the item dry. Once the item is dry, wash it as you usually would. There should be no leftover wax on the item after the wash. 

Can Vanish Remove Candle Wax From Clothing?

Yes, Vanish can remove candle wax from clothing as well as other fabrics. While it may seem counterintuitive, you want to ensure you let the candle wax dry before tackling it with Vanish. Trying to remove the candle wax while it’s still hot is not only a risk for injury, but it’ll just end up spreading the wax over the surface area.

What About Removing Wax From Delicate Fabrics?

When it comes to more expensive or delicate fabrics, your best bet would be to have a professional clean them. They will know the right products to avoid as much damage as possible. If you are able to gently scrape off as much dried wax as possible beforehand, that could help give your garment a better chance of being salvaged.

Final Thoughts

Before using any type of product on a surface, you want to ensure to read the care label, if applicable, to see if there are any cleaning instructions. Similarly, you want to read the product label for what you are about to use to ensure it won’t damage your belongings. It could be beneficial to spot test before using Vanish, just to ensure the material doesn’t get dyed. 

The last thing you’ll want to do when accidentally spilling candle wax on something is replace the item. That could be a costly endeavor. It’s always worth trying to save your belongings when stains happen, even if it takes a little ingenuity to solve the problem. 

Thankfully, all it takes to remove candle wax from your belongings is some scraping, some heat, and some Vanish. A little bit of elbow grease goes a long way to make candle wax stains vanish.

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