Are Funskool Pokemon Cards Real? (Explained)

are funskool pokemon cards real

Many types of Pokemon cards range from staff cards, misprints, golden Pokemon cards, and even foreign language cards. But what are Funskool Pokemon cards?

Are Funskool Pokemon cards real? Funskool Pokemon cards are in fact real. These cards were released back in 2004 in India by Funskool. Funskool acquired a license to sell Pokemon-branded products, which is how these cards came into production.

Funskool Pokemon cards are extremely rare, which makes just about every card in the series worth a good amount of money. In this article, we will look at how these cards came into production, how much they are worth, and how you can get some for your own collection!

What Are Funskool Pokemon Cards?

What Are Funskool Pokemon Cards?

Funskool Pokemon cards are an unofficial Pokemon product produced by the company Funskool. Although Funskool no longer produces Pokemon cards, they are still producing different types of Pokemon products today, such as toys.

To identify these cards, you can look at the back of the card. The back will consist of the Pokemon logo and the Funskool brand.

On the front of these cards at the bottom you will also see a date of 2004, along with GAME FREAK, T V Tokyo, ShoPro. JR Kikaku, and Licensed by TOP-IN.

Since these cards were created during the time of the original Pokemon card base set, many of the images on these cards will look familiar to the official set.

There is a lot of controversy on whether these cards should be considered real. Although they are real in terms of being legally manufactured, these cards are not official Pokemon card products.

It’s safe to say that this set was the first “Pokemon card knockoffs” for its time. This can be why these cards hold value within the Pokemon community.

Are Funskool Pokemon Cards Rare?

Funskool Pokemon cards are extremely rare. They were created back in 2004, and were only produced in India. Limited production makes these rare, and they are locked into one geographical location, India.

Funskool Pokemon cards can no longer be purchased. Whoever has these cards today either bought them when they were released and kept them or acquired them from a third party.

Where Can You Get Funskool Pokemon Cards?

Where Can You Get Funskool Pokemon Cards?


Funskool Pokemon cards can easily be found on eBay. eBay is a huge marketplace where sellers can sell just about anything, and Pokemon falls into that category.

eBay is the easiest way to buy and acquire Funskool Pokemon cards, but be prepared to pay up even for the basic cards in the set.

Most Funskool Pokemon cards left in the wild will be found on eBay. Purchasing items on eBay is also probably the safest and most secure way to buy these rare cards, as eBay has buyer protection.

eBay’s buyer protection protects buyers from getting scammed if they receive the wrong item, no item at all, or fake products.

Private Sellers

Another way to acquire Funskool Pokemon cards is straight through private or known sellers. One example is pokemonkaus. This user has an Instagram where they promote the selling of their Funskool Pokemon card collection.


There are many different forum boards/message boards where you may be able to find sellers of Funskool Pokemon cards. However, these are very far and few between.

How Much Are Funskool Pokemon Cards Worth?

How Much Are Funskool Pokemon Cards Worth?

Funskool Pokemon card prices vary widely, and this is mainly based on the Pokemon’s popularity. Upon checking eBay, a Funskool Mewtwo has recently sold for 37$.

Funskool has a holographic series called the “Who am I?” series, and this set contains holographic cards showing a silhouette of a Pokemon. A Charizard “Who am I?” card sold for 615$.

When purchasing Funskool Pokemon cards, you can expect to pay anywhere from about 20$ – 50$ for the basic, nonholographic cards.

When purchasing holographic cards, you are looking to spend upwards of 100$ – 650$ per card! Prices will fluctuate, as with all trading cards, and will be based on the supply and demand at the current time.

Final Thoughts

Funskool Pokemon cards are real. Although these cards are real, they are not official products created by the Pokemon Company. You can essentially call the Funskool Pokemon card set a knockoff or spinoff of the original Pokemon base set.

Funskool is a toy manufacturing company in India. Back in 2004 they had a license where they were legally able to create Pokemon products for sale in stores.

Whether you consider Funskool Pokemon cards to be fake or real, these cards still impacted the Pokemon card-collecting community due to their rarity and limited print.

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