Best Sports Card Packs to Buy at Walmart/Target

Best Sports Card Packs to Buy at WalmartTarget

For many, Walmart and Target are their ‘go-to’ locations to pick up deals on sports cards. After all. both Walmart and Target tend to have pretty competitive prices on their product, and almost always, a good selection is available. But what are the best sports card packs to buy there?

The best sports card packs will be the packs that you want. You probably have a rough idea of the sport you follow and the series of cards you want. Buy those. If you are planning on buying cards to make some cash, then opt for any promotional boxes.

We have much to cover about sports cards here, so let’s jump in! It may make your purchase decisions a little bit easier.

What Are Good Football/Baseball Card Packs to Buy?

What Are Good Football/Baseball Card Packs to Buy?
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Most sports cards hold absolutely no value. People collect them because they want to collect them, nothing more. This means that if you want to pick up some sports cards, then you should think about the cards that you want for your collection.

This may be from the newest set, or a slightly older set (these can be harder to find at places like Walmart and Target)

If you are planning on purchasing football or baseball cards with the intention of making a little bit of cash, buy sets that claim to have a higher chance of offering rarer cards. The best bet here is to leave them sealed. However, you can open them up and end up with some cards with a little bit of worth.

To be honest, you tend not to have much choice at Target or Walmart. They will almost always focus on the newer sets. 

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What Are the Best Sports Card Boxes to Buy?

As with buying individual packs of sports cards, there isn’t really one route for you to go down here. Most people opt to pick up boxes that relate to the sets that they want to collect.

If you are looking for sports card packs that essentially give you the packs at a discounted price, then we suggest that you look for Blaster Boxes. These will often contain several packs, and you could save yourself a few dollars.

If you can, always try to look for sports cards sets that claim that they have rare cards in them. For example, if there is a greater chance of containing an autograph card. You may want to leave these unopened.

While rarer nowadays, you may often find sports cards boxes that you can’t purchase as individual packs. These will always be a great choice to pick up as they will be limited edition. They always hold their value well and, of course, these are often going to be the cards you want to keep unopened if you want to make the most cash.

Does Walmart/Target Still Sell Sports Cards?

There was a situation where both Walmart and Target temporarily suspended the retail of Pokemon Cards. However, as far as we know, they have never limited the sale of sports cards.

That being said, do bear in mind that the whole idea of sports cards has started to go through a bit of a resurgence. This means there may be cases where Walmart and Target are out of the sports cards you want. We promise you, as long as the set has not been discontinued, both of these companies will eventually get them back into stock.

Remember that there are some products you will not be able to purchase from Walmart and Target online. In fact, they do not list their entire collection of sports cards there. So, if it looks like something is out of stock on their site, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be out of stock in their store. It normally means that the companies restrict online sales because the products sell fast in-store.

Do Sports Cards From Walmart/Target Have Resale Value?

Do Sports Cards From Walmart/Target Have Resale Value?
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There will be no difference between sports cards you purchase from Walmart or Target and sports cards you have purchased elsewhere. They will have resale value.

Of course, not every set will be worth buying if you plan to resell it. This isn’t a problem limited to products from Walmart and Target. It will apply to all sets. It is worth going through what each set of sports cards contains in a bid to determine whether it is worth your cash e.g. the chance of pulling ultra-rare cards.

If you want to make money from the cards you have purchased from Walmart or Target, we suggest you try and track down collectible packs (actual rare packs), and do not open them. It may take a few years to gain value, but they will almost always gain value.

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When Does Walmart/Target Restock Sports Cards?

Neither Walmart nor Target are responsible for the restocking of sports cards. Instead, an outside company will come in and do the work for them.

This does mean that knowing when Walmart and Target restock their sports cards can be tough. For the most part, it will vary based upon the store. Therefore, it is up to you to work out when your particular store restocks its cards.

In our experience, most of the restocks happen on Thursday and Friday. This is to help ensure the cards are ready for sale throughout the weekend.

You will likely find them restocked during the earlier parts of the day. However, as we said, this is something that can vary between stores, so you will always want to do your own research.

Is It Cheap to Buy Sports Cards at Walmart/Target?

Both Walmart and Target will sell their sports cards at the recommended RRP. This may be a bit more expensive than purchasing from elsewhere, but you can be sure that these stores tend to have a much more consistent stock.

That being said, when a set is discontinued, both Walmart and Target tend to be the cheapest place to buy these cards. We have seen some packs as much as 75% to 90% off when they are discontinued. Although, as you can imagine, these sets tend to be snapped up very quickly.

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Final Thoughts

There is no one best sports card pack to buy at Walmart and Target. Just opt for the pack that you want the most. Although, do bear in mind that neither of the stores is likely to have many cards available from the older sets.

If you want to get the best possible deal, then we always suggest that you pick up blaster boxes. The cards are much cheaper when you buy in bulk like that. You will also want to keep your eye out for any promotional packs.

If a set is discontinued, always keep an eye out for discounts at both stores. They tend to be the cheapest stores to buy discontinued sets. They will be snapped up quickly, though.

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