Can a Pool Table Go Upstairs?

can a pool table go upstairs

Before buying a pool table, you are going to want to know exactly where it is that you are going to put it. Common areas to keep a pool table are in the garage, in a game room, in the backyard, or upstairs in a loft or bedroom. Pool tables can take up a lot of room and can also be damaged by weather.

Needing to find that perfect spot has caused a lot of people to ask the question “Can a pool table go upstairs?” The answer to this is yes, it absolutely can, as long as your building and second floor is architecturally sound. 

Knowing if your home can support a pool table on the second floor can be a costly mistake if the proper research isn’t done beforehand. We will be going over a few tips and best practices when it comes to placing a pool table upstairs.

Understand That Pool Tables Can Weigh a Lot

Pool tables can be incredibly heavy, and that is surely the main reason that anyone would be concerned with installing a pool table upstairs in their home. First of all, it would just be difficult to get the table up there. A lot of pool tables that have been installed upstairs in buildings had to go through a fun sequence of being twisted and turned up stairwells to get the job done. 

The other worry could be that your floor upstairs won’t be able to handle a 1,000 pound pool table that is sitting there for a long period of time. Knowing whether or not your floor will be able to handle a constant load like a heavy pool table can make or break your decision for moving a pool table upstairs.

Luckily, there are many different pool tables to choose from and they all vary in weight. If you are worried about permanently damaging your floor or ceiling upstairs, then there are some lighter pool tables you can choose from based on the materials that they are made out of. In general with a lighter pool table, you will be sacrificing quality.

Wood Top Pool Tables

There are two different variations of pool tables and the first is a wood top table. Pool tables that are made out of wood will usually range from about 180 pounds for a six foot table, up to about 600 pounds for a ten foot table. 

Wood top pool tables are generally used in more casual play settings and are not quite as good as slate top pool tables. 

This wooden pool table on Amazon weighs about 215 pounds which is pretty light compared to a slate pool table. If you are worried about damaging your floor, then something around this weight limit should be perfectly fine.

Slate Top Pool Tables

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The other option is slate top pool tables which are much higher quality pool tables, but they are also far heavier than the wood top tables.

Sleight top pool tables can range from 500 pounds for a six-foot table up to 2,500 pounds for a twelve-foot table! Slate top tables will also generally be more expensive, but they are worth the extra money and the extra weight if you want a higher quality pool table that will last you a much longer time.

This slate pool table from Amazon weighs 872 pounds. They also have a lighter version manufactured out of MDF Slate which weighs only 242 pounds.

Hire Professionals to Help You

When looking to install a pool table, it will be more than worth it for you to consult with professional contractors as well as anyone that has experience with pool table installation. 

They will be able to tell you whether or not your building is going to be able to handle the pool table over time, and also give you specific advice for how to make the installation process as smooth as possible given your situation. 

Besides just getting advice, odds are that you are going to need to hire someone to either help you move your pool table into your building, or hire them to get it done for you. 

Think About the Type of Flooring That You Are Putting the Table On

Hardwood flooring or concrete flooring instinctively has benefits when installing a pool table, but there is nothing wrong with installing a pool table on carpeting. 

In either case, keep in mind that you will periodically need to level your pool table. You will need to readjust your table much more frequently if it is installed on carpeting than if it is installed on hardwood or concrete. 

Knowing this could also influence your decision of where to put the pool table in the first place. 

Level Your Pool Table Periodically

There are a handful of different ways to measure and see if your pool table needs to be leveled, and then also a handful of different ways to actually level the table.

Some tables will have legs that make it easy to adjust the height of each leg which should allow you to level it out.

You can also use some blocks of wood or something similar to stick under each leg and try to level the table that way. Remember that the table is very heavy, so do not put anything under the legs that is not hard and sturdy.

Final Thoughts

The answer is yes. You can install your pool table upstairs. It might be more of a hassle than installing one on the ground floor of your building, but if upstairs is the best place for the table then upstairs is where it should go. 

Remember that a wooden pool table weighs significantly less than a slate pool table. If you do not know how much weight your floor can handle upstairs, then it would be best to stick with a light weight wooden pool table. A wooden pool table can weigh as little as 200 pounds while a slate pool table can weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds!

Once you have the right pool table picked out, be sure to have a plan of action to have it hauled upstairs. Hire professional movers or recruit help because moving a pool table upstairs is not a solo task.

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