Do Lego Sets Come With Extra Pieces?

Do Lego Sets Come With Extra Pieces

LEGO is a toy for almost all ages (yes, they have toddler-safe toys now too!). Children, teenagers, and adults alike can get lost in their imaginations as they become the Master Builders of their own worlds. In any given set, you can find bricks of all sizes and colors, brick accessories, minifigures, and more.

If you’ve recently purchased a new LEGO set and are carefully reviewing the inventory, you may notice that your set came with some extra bricks or pieces. Nano Blocks tells us that this is because the bags are counted by weight rather than by the number of pieces. That is great and all, but it also means that you may find your set is missing important pieces too.

The rest of the article will go on to discuss more on ordering new or missing LEGO pieces.

What Should I Do With Extra Lego Pieces?

If you were lucky enough to have extra LEGO pieces, keep them! It is always handy to have some spare parts lying around.

What Do I Do if My New Lego Set Is Missing Pieces?

Oh no! You’ve just opened your new LEGO set only to find it is missing some important pieces! Here is what you should do:

  • Head over to
  • Click on “Missing Bricks” on the Bricks ; Pieces section of their Customer Service site
  • Choose the part you need and complete your information to complete your order
  • You will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail when it is ready to go

What Do I Do if My New Lego Set Has Damaged Pieces?

You have found an unlucky piece in your LEGO set that is broken. Don’t worry, LEGO will help you out with that too! Simply follow these instructions:

  • Head over to
  • Click on “Problem Parts” on the Bricks ; Pieces section of their Customer Service site
  • Choose the part you need and complete your information to complete your order
  • You will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail when it is ready to go

What if I Can’t Find My Missing or Broken Lego Piece on the Lego Website?

Click Image for More Info

If you can’t find the part that you need, be sure to include a description of the part along with the set number. Be sure to review the inventory on the back of the building instructions.

To check the current price and availability of Replacement Lego Bricks, click here to view the listing on Amazon.

How Can I Replace Lost Lego Parts or Buy Extra Pieces?

With LEGO sets consisting of hundreds of little pieces, it’s no wonder a few of them go missing from time to time. If you have lost your favorite piece or simply need more of those tiny bricks, you can replace them using the “Pick a Brick” or “Bricks ; Pieces” services on the LEGO website.

Can I Buy or Replace a Lego Minifigure?

Minifigures are tiny humans, objects, animals, or other unique pieces that really bring a LEGO set to life! If you would like to buy these miniature items, you may be able to follow the instructions found above under “How can I replace lost LEGO parts or buy extra pieces?”

However, if the piece comes from a “licensed” set such as Star Wars, Ninjago, Harry Potter, or Jurassic World, you won’t be able to buy individual pieces.

If you are looking to replace a specific LEGO minifigure from the LEGO Series, their website states that they are able to send you a part as similar as possible to the original as they don’t have individual replacement parts.

How Do I Find Building Instructions for Older Lego Sets?

If you have come across an older LEGO set that is missing its set of building instructions, you may be able to find them on the LEGO website. Simply choose “Building Instructions” under the “Customer Service” section of the website. You will find “Building Instructions for old LEGO sets” in the list of Help Topics where you can download the instructions for free.

What Should I Do With My Old Lego Bricks?

If you or your child has grown tired of using LEGO, rather than throwing it in the garbage, the best thing to do would be to give them to someone else who might enjoy them. You could also bring them to a school or donation center. However, if you think that the pieces are past their “play date” then you can toss them in with your plastic recycling.

How Do I Clean Lego Bricks?

LEGO recommends cleaning the bricks and other figures by hand at a maximum temperature of 104°F / 40°C with a mild detergent. This is because higher temperatures or strong cleaning products may negatively impact the quality of the product. Afterward, they should be air-dried at room temperature.

They do not recommend putting any of the parts into the dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, or clothes dryer.

How Do I Sort My Mixed Lego Sets?

If you have mixed up two or more LEGO sets into one bin, it is possible to sort them into their original sets, if you have the time and patience to do so, by downloading the building instructions from the Customer Service site.  Newer sets from 2006 and after will have the parts listed on the back of the building instructions.

Is It a Good Idea to Mix Up My Lego Sets?

You have more than one LEGO set and would like to keep them all in one place but could it turn into a nightmare when actually building your themed set? Well, the answer to that is up to you and your building style. Maybe you like to follow the instructions perfectly in which case, keeping the sets separated may be a good idea.

But if you like to mix and match pieces, change current designs, or be creative and make your own designs, then perhaps mixing the LEGO sets together will give you the boost of inspiration you need to get building.

Whether you have extra pieces, missing pieces, old and dirty pieces, or simply the desire to buy more pieces, you’re likely to find what you need by heading to the LEGO website for answers.

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