Does Sam’s Club Sell Pokemon Cards?

Does Sam’s Club Sell Pokemon Cards

Sam’s Club is the second largest warehouse store in the United States. Owned by Walmart, Sam’s Club is known for offering products in bulk. As a result, a lot of people wonder whether they are able to pick up Pokemon cards here at discounted prices. Well, let’s answer that question for you, shall we?

So, does Sam’s Club sell Pokemon cards? Sam’s club does indeed sell Pokemon cards. Although, it is worth noting that their Pokemon card selection can be a bit sporadic. While the company will always sell booster packs, the other products that they have available can vary drastically. In fact, it can vary from store to store.

Throughout the rest of this page, we do want to answer some of the more burning questions that people have about Sam’s Club and their selection of Pokemon products. We even want to give you a couple of hints about the sorts of prices that you can expect if you are planning to purchase trading cards from Sam’s Club.

What Types of Pokemon Booster Packs/Boxes Does Sam’s Club Sell?

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The selection of products that you find from Sam’s Club may be a little bit different from some of the other companies that sell Pokemon cards.

What you have to remember is that Sam’s Club is a warehouse. The whole idea behind the company is that they bundle up their products and sell them for discount prices. A lot of the products that you find a Sam’s Club are going to be overstock or ‘end of the line’ products. Many of them will be sent over from Walmart.

Sam’s Club will sell booster packs. However, this is certainly not going to be the best place to pick up booster packs.

The main reason why people head to Sam’s Club is for everything else related to Pokemon. This is a company that has been known to combine multiple Pokemon products into a single bundle. For example, you may be able to buy a set of GX boxes for a discounted price. You may be able to find mystery boxes. You may be able to find sets of theme decks.

The problem with Sam’s Club is that you are never going to know for sure the number of products that the company has in stock. Due to the way in which they operate, the selection can rotate quite quickly.

You should also bear in mind that because Sam’s Club is known for having some of the best deals when it comes to Pokemon Trading Card Game products that they can sell out of stock incredibly quickly. In fact, it is not uncommon for some of their best deals to last for only a day or two, and then they are never going to be replaced.

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How Much Do Pokemon Cards Cost at Sam’s Club?

Telling you how much Pokemon Cards cost at Sam’s Club is going to be just as difficult as telling you the products that they have available. This is something that can change. The only thing that remains fairly stable will be individual booster packs which can sit at the $4 mark.

The products are almost always going to be exceedingly cheap, though. For example, you can pay $10 per GX box. Theme decks have been as low as a couple of dollars.

Although, you will probably need to remember that when they do have these promotions, the cards are not going to be coming from the most recent set. It will be the previous one. Although, for most people this shouldn’t be that much of an issue.

Of course, you will have to factor in the cost of membership to Sam’s Club when you are thinking about Pokemon Trading Card Game prices. This probably isn’t going to matter too much if you are regularly going to Sam’s Club anyway. However, if you are heading there just for Pokemon cards, then it is going to significantly push up the price by quite a bit.

How Often Does Sam’s Club Restock Pokemon Cards?

This is an incredibly tough question to answer. This is because there doesn’t really seem to be any predictability when it comes to Sam’s Club restocking their Pokemon cards.

A lot of the restocking does focus on whether they are running a promotion on Pokemon cards. While they may refresh their basic stock of cards each day, it is only going to be a light refresh of their products.

The only real way to know if there is a Sam’s Club promotional restock going on is to pay attention to websites like Reddit. You can bet your bottom dollar that whenever Sam’s Club is running a promotion, somebody is going to mention it online.

Although, of course, there is no guarantee that your selected store is going to have Pokemon promotional products in stock. Your best bet is to check in Sam’s Club regularly and see what Pokemon products they are bringing in.

Can You Order Pokemon Cards From Sam’s Club Online?

They do have a limited number of products available online. However, because Sam’s Club cycles products out regularly, you are not going to be able to find the full selection online.

It is worth noting that Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart. This does mean that your best hope of finding cards similar to the price of Sam’s Club is to head to the Walmart website. In some cases, when Sam’s Club runs a promotion on Pokemon Cards, Walmart will always have a similar promotion for a few dollars more.

Do You Need a Sam’s Club Membership to Buy Pokemon Trading Card Game Cards From Them?

Yes. You cannot purchase Pokemon Cards, either online or offline, from Sam’s Club unless you have a membership with them. This is a paid membership. You are not able to obtain a free membership to purchase the cards.

Does Sam’s Club Have a Limit on the Number of Pokemon Cards That You Can Purchase From Them?

At the time of writing, Sam’s Club does not have a limit on the number of products that you can purchase. This is due to their membership system having a big impact on preventing people from overbuying products.

That being said, you certainly cannot rule out there being limits in the future. We are sure that the company is constantly monitoring the situation, much like other retailers in the US, to see whether any limits will need to be put into place.

Final Thoughts

Sam’s Club does sell Pokemon cards. However, due to the way in which they sell products, the stock at Sam’s Club can be a bit unpredictable in comparison to other stores.

That being said, one of the great things about Sam’s Club is that they are almost always going to be cheaper than other companies when it comes to Pokemon cards. In fact, they may even end up having bundles of Pokemon cards that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

Do bear in mind that if you are planning on purchasing trading cards from Sam’s Club, you are going to need to ensure that you have a Sam’s Club membership. This applies whether you are looking to buy trading cards from their stores or online.

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