Are Pokemon GX Cards Worth Money?

Are Pokemon GX Cards Worth Money

Pokémon has been an essential part of childhood for any child or adult alike. The game has shaped numerous childhoods, from watching the show on TV to going out to play Pokémon Go on the streets. Over time, however, the effects of the card game have evolved. This brings us to the question: Are Pokémon GX cards worth the money?

The answer to this is a high YES! You might think the cards are a waste of money and paper, but the game’s regular players know their actual worth. Considered collectibles with people willing to pay huge amounts to own the cards, their value and prices are worth it!

The main reason is that fewer Pokémon GX cards were printed back in the day, making them more important overall. How much each card is worth can differ in light of which card it is and its condition. The people who gather Pokémon cards continuously attempt to track down the best ones, and the GX cards are the absolute best. Read on to know more about the worth of these cards in today’s day and age!

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What Does the GX Mean on a GX Pokemon Card?

The GX refers to a higher degree of force after Mega (Giga comes after Mega). Pokémon GX is an enhancement of Pokémon-EX cards, where the EX stands for “extra”, indicating the additional features and HP most of these cards possess. GX signifies the Graphic on the Pokémon card, displayed on the name side of the card. The GX was introduced in the 7th generation of the card game.

The primary characteristic that makes Pokémon-GX vary from past variations Pokémon is their elite repairman called GX assaults.

These assaults depend on the Z-Moves technician presented in Pokémon Sun and Moon, and like them, they make all the more remarkable impacts and harm yield than typical assaults. However, a player can only utilize one GX assault for every game. A unique GX marker is utilized to observe regardless of whether the player has proactively utilized their GX assault.

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How Are GX Pokemon Cards Different From Other Cards?

How Are GX Pokemon Cards Different From Other Cards?
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GX cards have modified visuals, setting them apart from other cards. Their improved aesthetics include bold artwork with the Pokémon covering, with fine covering most of the card.

Apart from this, the foundation delineation blurs into the top and base of most regions while as yet having the Pokémon break the card’s lines, following past Pokémon variation card tradition.

Additionally, a blue and dark bar containing the GX assault name isolates it from different assaults, and the impact text is hued blue. At long last, the card line includes a dark line running over it.

Adding up all the small changes in the card, it is set apart from the rest of the deck without including the advanced moves the Pokémon has with these cards.

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What Is the Rarest Gx Card Pokemon Card?

The Pikachu Illustrator card wins the competition for the rarest GX card. Only a handful of these cards exist throughout the world. These cards merit at least $50,000 and have been sold for more than $200,000!

In the second position is the Shadowless Holographic Charizard card’s first edition. These cards were made as a mistake. However, their limited numbers make them rare and valuable today. Their prices can go up to $50,000 or more!

Which Is Better V or GX Pokemon Cards?

V cards are, in fact, better than GX cards. The main reason for this is that the V card carries a further developed stage of the GX card, giving them higher hit points than the GX. V cards come second only to VMAX cards.

V cards have a place with V-associations that are joined by shields and swords. The apparatuses are essential for impersonating Dynamax and Gigantamax mechanics in the Galar district, which is a highly strategic fight style regarding overcoming the opponent Pokémon.

The style causes the player Pokémon to move past estimates to exaggerate the Pokémon they are opposed to. V cards show strong moves and capabilities contrasted with GX cards. Subsequently, they hit weighty at whatever point they assault the rival Pokémon and procure high hit face up to 250+ points.

The main inconvenience of V cards over the GX card is that their award is generally higher than GX cards when taken out.

What Is Better EX or GX Pokemon Cards?

GX cards are more or less like EX cards. However, the GX cards prove to be better in battles than EX cards. GX cards resemble EX cards in many respects. They usually are more impressive because they are more fitted to the present meta.

A significant element of Pokémon-GX is the new GX assault technician. One remarkable distinction between Pokémon-EX and Pokémon-GX is that Pokémon-GX comes in three unique stages: Basic, Stage 1, and Stage 2. By far, most Pokémon-EX is Basic Pokémon, and Mega Evolution Pokémon-EX accompanies their own specific rules.

What GX Cards Are Worth a Lot of Money?

In accordance with their ranking, the following GX cards are worth your money:

8. Incineroar GX

Incineroar GX

7. Xerneas GX

Xerneas GX

6. Sigilyph GX

Sigilyph GX

5. Charizard GX

Charizard GX

4. Darkrai GX

Darkrai GX

3. Lugia GX

Lugia GX

2. Guzzlord GX

Guzzlord GX

1. Dialga GX

Dialga GX

The HPs of these cards, along with the unique abilities during battles that they bring to the game, make them special amongst the lot.

Are Pokemon GX Cards Fake?

GX cards are not fake whatsoever. They are an authentic variety of cards introduced in the Pokémon world. The improved HP and various tricks and abilities brought about by these cards have changed how the games are carried out during tournaments. For an ordinary player, these abilities might not matter but for an experienced Pokémon master, the power of the GX cards proves to be game-changers.

How Can You Spot a Fake Card?

To spot a fake card, some essential clues can help. These four points can easily help tell fake and original cards apart.

1.     Comparison with an original card

The best way to compare is with the same card from the original deck. However, any card can help you identify the fake and the real card. The real card will have refined art on the display, and the foiling will also have a unique touch. The touch of the fake card and its foiling are ordinary when touched.

2.     Use help from the Internet

Search up the suspicious card online. You can easily find images of the card on any search engine or search the card on specific sites such as Some important points to look out for include:

·        Wrong text style, or text dimension.

·        Wrong energy images, or energy images some unacceptable size.

·        Wrong HP esteem.

·        Wrong assault damage values.

·        Wrong set image or set number.

·        Foiling when the card ought not to be foil, as well as the other way around.

3.     Match the card’s back

The card back is a clear indication of the card’s authenticity. Assuming the two cards are real, their backs ought to be almost indistinguishable. The back of a genuine Pokémon card always brims with refinements that tricksters rarely impersonate impeccably.

Outside of a couple of all-around recorded special cases, each Pokémon card imprinted in English has precisely the same card back, whether it was imprinted in 2021 or 1999. For this explanation, the backtest is viewed as the most valid.

4.     Visualize the card

Peruse all the text on the card, checking for spelling, grammatical, and sentence structure errors. Flops like these almost consistently show the card is phony. The primary indicators include the absence of the accent over the “e” in the word “Pokémon”.

Apart from this, any expression for Pokémon other than “Pokémon”, for example, “Pocket Monster” indicated the inauthenticity of the card. Furthermore, an HP or Attack upsides of at least 1000 is also fake. No card, as of 2022, has an HP higher than 340.

Final Thoughts

The Pokémon series, to this day, rules the world. New additions to the card game, as well as to the series, are what keeps it thriving in the hearts of many. For some people, it may be merely a trading game. However, for those who know its depth and have kept up with the game throughout the years, every change brings with it new joy and emotions.

The best thing about these cards is that while it may be a hobby to collect them for some people, others use them to earn money. GX cards offer unique abilities and strengths that help people benefit from them in monetary terms.

The people who gather Pokémon cards are continuously attempting to track down the best ones, and the GX cards are most certainly the absolute best. First release Pokémon cards are worth a lot of cash however so are the GX cards. Due to their extraordinariness, the more normal GX cards are worth more than large numbers of the normal first release cards. GX cards are likewise more grounded than normal cards. Owing to their promised benefits, Pokémon GX cards are worth every penny!

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