Cheapest Places to Buy Pokemon Booster Boxes

Cheapest Places to Buy Pokemon Booster Boxes

Pokemon booster boxes are highly sought after and vary greatly in price. They are a great addition to your Pokemon collection and include a mix of 10 random cards including a rare or higher rarity card.

There are also specially marked booster boxes that contain a virtual booster, which can be redeemed online at the Pokemon TCG Online Shop. 

Below are some of the cheapest places to buy Booster boxes and packs, as well as detailed information on third-party retails and private sellers.


Walmarts sells a wide range of Pokemon booster boxes ranging from $23.99 to booster packs from $3.99. 

You can pretty much find any booster pack at Walmart, however individual highstreet stores any only stock certain packs and boxes according to local demand so you are perhaps best to visit their online store for their entire range.


Target sells a very limited range of Pokemon Booster boxes, and may only have 1 or 2 for sale at any one time. However, they are among the cheapest, selling for around $4.99 for the average booster pack and $39.00 for a booster box.

Target only sell Pokemon cards online. They ceased selling cards at walk-in stall including boxes, packs and tins.

Dollar Tree

You can find Pokemon boxes at Dollar Tree but they are rare. However just because they are rare does not mean you should not stop by and check in to see what your local Dollar Tree does have.

However, buyers should be warned that cases of fake packs have been reported on the shelves of Dollar Tree, however, this is purely anecdotal and no legal action has been filed against Dollar Tree for selling ‘fake’ packs.

Some Pokemon booster collectors have really cashed out at Dollar Tree, finding pretty valuable packs at ridiculously low prices, so it is definitely worth taking a look and seeing what you can find.

Dollar General

Dollar general sells Pokemon Booster packs for as little as $1 per pack! However, their availability and price vary depending on your region.

Booster boxes are not available at Dollar Tree, but if you can find a variety of booster packs for $1 each it is certainly worth including here as you can theoretically buy enough to make a very cheap equivalent of a booster box.

Dollar General has also been known to sell Pokemon tins for as little as $10. This is according to avid Pokemon collectors and we definitely recommended swinging by your local Dollar General to see if they have any booster packs in stock.

How Much Should a Pokemon Booster Box Cost?

A Pokemon booster box range from $23.00 for common boxes to almost $2,000 for rarer sets. 

The price of Pokemon booster boxes depends on the likelihood of finding a rare or powerful card, how many boxes were manufactured, and how much each box has been exposed to scalping.

Scalpers, people who buy up all the Pokemon boxes quickly and hike up the price and sell to other collectors, are largely responsible for high price increases in Pokemon booster boxes.

Most collectibles are exposed to the exploitation of scalpers, but Pokemon scalping is very common. 

Stores very quickly run out of Pokemon boosters, tins, and trainer boxes and those same boxes usually reappear on eBay or Amazon for twice or sometimes three or four times the original price.

This is the case for the rarer and more popular boxes. However, boxes with more commonplace cards tend not to be scalped as much and are easily available in general stores for longer periods at the correct price.

For rarer boxes, especially those that have been out for a while, you may find yourself paying a lot more than you otherwise would have if you have pre-ordered or bought close to the release date.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Pokemon Booster Packs/Boxes Online?

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There are more places selling Pokemon booster packs (and cards) online than there are physical stores.

This is because Pokemon cards have risen in popularity so much that selling them in-store has become a risky business for store owners.

There have been incidences of physical fights breaking out between customers over the last few packs and boxes left on the shelves, and customers lining up overnight for stores to open and stampeding into shops to buy the newest and latest editions.

Online stores have no such issue, so many physical stores are moving onto online-only sales for Pokemon cards, Target has already made this move and there are rumors that Walmart will be next.

Therefore there is a massive market for Pokemon cards online, however, some of them are not worth your time or money. The following stores are verified sellers of genuine Pokemon Booster boxes and cards.

To check out the current prices and availability of Pokemon Booster Boxes, click here to view the selection on Amazon.


Ebay is a great place to find booster boxes when everyone else is sold out. A quick search for Pokemon booster boxes will yield hundreds of results to choose from. You can even find discontinued booster boxes, although they are a lot more pricey than current series.

Channel Fireball

Channel Fireball is a legitimate trading card game store. They sell Pokemon booster packs from $12.99 to $650 depending on the rarity.

The great thing about Channel Fireball is that you can also buy individual cards. So if your after a specific card and do not want to fork out for the entire booster box, you can simply use their search to find the exact card you are looking for, if they have it.

Troll and Toad

Troll and Toad do not sell booster packs directly but they can help you find those who do. Troll and Toad is more like a search engine for trading card players, whereby you can visit the site, type in what you are looking for and they will show you a range of retailers selling that card and the price.

Whilst Troll and Toad only promote genuine sellers that have been verified, they do not hold any responsibility if that company decides to suddenly start selling fakes.

What is the Cheapest Way to Buy Pokemon Cards?

The cheapest way to buy Pokemon cards is to go for secondhand cards sold by individual sellers on eBay or TCGPlayer.

You can buy packs for around $2.75 using this method, instead of the average $4 or $5 dollars in Walmart or Target.

And although we warned you about scalpers, there are thousands of genuine individual sellers that are selling 100% real Pokemon cards at reasonable prices. 

Many of them are reselling for personal reasons and are selling non-mint condition cards at a much cheaper price than buying new ones.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon Trading card games have boomed in popularity in recent years, therefore packs have become more expensive and in some cases, harder to come by.

That being said, traditional stores like Walmart and Target continue to sell Pokemon cards at retail prices and it is worth checking budget stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General to see if you can pick up a booster box or pack for super cheap.

Buying online is your best bet, however, watch out for scalpers who are, unfortunately, targeting the Pokemon trading card market hard. 

However, there are hundreds of genuine online sellers that are selling Pokemon booster boxes, packs, and individual cards at a cheaper price than can be found at traditional stores.

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