How Much Does a Box of Sports Cards Weigh?

how much does a box of sports cards weigh

The weight of a box of sports cards will depend on how many cards you have. The average card will weigh anything between 1-2 grams. So, a box of 1000 sports cards will weigh anything between 1kg-2kg.

There are many advantages to knowing how much a box of sports cards weighs. For example, if you are planning to ship your cards (if you are selling them) then it may be worth your while selling them as one package rather than breaking them down into smaller parcels.

Weight is also an important factor in storage. Although they are light on their own this can quickly add up. You do not want to run the risk of injuring yourself or not being able to lift your sports cards in their storage box. So, here we will tell you everything that you need to know about the weight of a box of sports cards. 

How Much Does a Pack of Sports Cards Weigh?

Whether you are simply looking to sort out your storage situation or you are looking to buy, sell or trade your sports cards then it is a good idea to know how much the cards weigh.

This can save you a lot of time and hassle as grouping too many sports cards together can quickly become too heavy either to store or to ship. So, exactly how much does a pack of sports cards weigh? Well, obviously this depends on the size of your pack.

The average sports card weighs anywhere between 1-2 grams if it is a base card. However, if you are looking at a top loader card with a plastic case can weigh around 1 ounce. 

Although this may seem like a very small amount of weight, it can quickly add up when you are looking at an entire collection of sports cards. 

It will also depend on the condition of the cards and this can greatly affect their weight. For example, if you have cards that have been exposed to water damage then the chances are that these cards will be denser and hence heavier than some of your other cards.

Additionally, any extra damage such as tearing or missing corners can affect the weight of your card and should be kept in mind.

Over the years the number of cards in a pack of sports cards has varied, and also according to the sport in question.

 For example, in regard to baseball cards in the 1970s, Topps would sell an average of 8-14 cards (depending on the year in question) in a pack. The company Cello sold anywhere between 18-33 cards in a pack and Rack packs of sports cards would hold anywhere between 39-54 cards.

So, if we look at these amounts then we would have the following weights for a pack of sports cards:

  • Topps – 8-28 grams
  • Cello – 18 – 66 grams
  • Rack – 39 – 108 grams

Obviously, these are rather large ranges, but in total, they are still not overly heavy.

How Much Does a Box of Sports Cards Weigh?

Just like with a pack of sports cards there is not one standardized box size. This means that how much your box will weigh depends entirely on how many cards you want to place inside it.

One other thing to consider is whether you have a box with dividers. This means that your storage box will be able to accommodate fewer sports cards than a box without dividers.

Additionally, if you place all of your sports cards in individual protective plastic sleeves this will significantly increase the overall weight of your box of cards. 

Whereas the average sports cards (not covered) weighs 1 gram if you include a protective plastic covering then this increases to roughly 28 grams per card. So, you are essentially times the weight of your box of sports cards by 28 if you choose to protect them!

How Much Does a 5000 Count Box of Sports Cards Weigh?

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If you are an avid collector then the chances are that you are going to have a very large amount of cards. Depending on your personal preference there are many ways that you can sort and categorize them. This involves either storing everything in one large box or breaking them down into smaller boxes for ease.

However, although it may be easier to store them all in one place this does mean that your card box can become very heavy. For example, if you have a 5000 count box of cards and we assume that they are not in any form of protective sleeve, then this can weigh anything between 5kg and 10kg! 

So, although each individual card is very lightweight when it comes to a larger collection this can add up.

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How Much Does a Sports Card Weigh in Ounces?

If you prefer to use a different metric to weigh your sports cards then you should expect a single card to weigh between 0.03 ounces and 0.07 grams. 

To make this easier to remember think of it as 100 sports cards weighing anywhere between 3-7 ounces. 

To put this to scale if you want to ship a single sports card in a top loader protective sleeve inside of a bubble mailer then this will weigh approximately 1 ounce.

How Many Sports Cards Are in a Pound?

One pound is roughly equivalent to 453 grams. And since the average sports card weighs 1-2 grams this means that you can have anywhere between 226 and 453 sports cards in a pound.

How Do You Get a Box of Sports Cards?

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You can typically find these boxes of sports cards at any good retailer either in person or online. However, if you are not looking to purchase mainstream cards then you may have to start searching for individual cards from personal sellers.

This can involve a look of time and effort and if you are after a particularly rare or special sports card can be rather pricey.

So, you should consider exactly what you are willing to put towards expanding and improving your collection when you begin. If you are just starting out your card collection then purchasing boxes is a good way to go about it as you can quickly and easily create the main bulk of your collection. 

However, if you are looking at purchasing from individual sellers then you should consider their reputation selling online. Unfortunately, there are many fakes out there on the market and you do not want to duped into buying one of them.

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Final Thoughts

Most average sports cards are made to be very lightweight and easy to handle. However, if you are building your collection then this can become a weight problem. Thousands of cards, although light as a feather by themselves, add up to kilograms of weight.

You should consider this when you are storing your cards at home. For example, if you have problems lifting heavy items do not consider storing all of your sports cards in a single storage box. Instead, use smaller boxes that you can easily manoeuvre.

If you are looking to send your sports cards then you should know exactly how much they weigh to ensure that you cover the postage.

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