How to Get Cheap Warhammer 40k Miniatures

how to get cheap warhammer 40k miniatures

Warhammer 40k is a mass-combat roleplaying game beloved around the world. As such, there are a variety of armies to choose from, and this is where things can get tricky. You need the figures, the paints, and the time to prepare them. It’s a little daunting and can get, well, a little expensive.

You are probably wondering how to get cheap Warhammer 40k miniatures so that you can get started. The good news is that you can definitely do this, by knowing which armies are the cheapest to start with, by taking advantage of promotions that give you free models, and by comparing the most competitive vendors.

Today we’re going to give you the information you need to do exactly this. By the end of the article you’ll have a nice selection of starter-army options to consider, as well as a few choice vendors for price comparison, and you’ll know where to look for freebies. Let’s talk about how to get cheap Warhammer 40k miniatures!

What Is the Cheapest Warhammer 40k Model?

The cheapest army models are really going to depend on your strategy. For instance, with a 2000-point base, you might consider purchasing 2 – 3 ‘heavy hitters’ that are more expensive individually but which are cheaper than a larger, weaker army.

This gives you a smaller army, but with carefully-considered moves you can take out a large horde like the equivalent of a heavily-armored, walking woodchipper!

Alternately, you can begin building a cheaper ‘horde’, and compensate for the relatively weaker armor and arms through ‘hammer and anvil’ strategies, flanking, and other classic tactics. This is why mass-combat roleplaying is such a thrill, after all, because with everyone starting with the same point base your forces are effectively balanced.

Warhammer 40k is a game of strategy and the mind. So, where do you get started? Below we’ve got 5 great starter-selections that can give you an idea of where you might want to get started. We’ll give a brief introduction and a tip or two for each to get you ready for building your ideal army.

Space Wolves

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Space Wolves are a popular choice and for good reason. They have some of the most powerful relics, which come up in tournament play quite frequently, and it is easy to build an army on the cheap with this selection with a little careful planning.

This is because a number of the pieces are high-point items and you can easily hit a 1000 or 2000 point mark with only a few. Simply put, you can get higher-point units that might seem expensive until you compare the point-to-cost ratio.

With many elite units available, you can build a small, but hard-hitting force that will keep your foes on their toes. This army is quite flexible in what you can add, so go with powerful units first and expand from there.

To check the current price and availability of Warhammer 40k Space Wolves, click here to view it on Amazon.

Space Marines and Orcs

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If you are looking to build a colossal horde that you can deploy around the field with deadly precision and intent, then Space Marines or Orcs are a good idea. They are one of the cheapest armies that you can build, as they are the standard/basic troops of Warhammer 40k and as such, many starter sets are out available.

 As the most common troops on the market, these starter sets can help you build a very large army quickly and considerably cheaper than some of the more ‘exotic’ troops. Starting your army in this way can teach you more about large-scale war and incapacitating foes with less-conventional attacks.

Basic troops are not a handicap, they are a worthy challenge for the skilled strategist.

To check the current price and availability of Warhammer 40k Space Marines, click here to view them on Amazon.

Thousand Sons

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Speaking of Space Marines, the Thousand Sons are a powerful force of Chaos Space Marines that have unique psychic attacks and wards that make them a force to be reckoned with. Some of the most powerful units are quite costly from a points perspective, so if you go with the Thousand sons you want to choose your troops wisely.

Try starting with 2 powerful units, each with a smaller, supportive group designated to protect them. This lets you adopt a brutal guerilla strategy that can quickly decimate and confound your enemy if you’ve got the guts and guile to play them right.

To check the current price and availability of Warhammer 40k Thousand Sons, click here to view it on Amazon.

Adeptus Custodes

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The Adeptus Custodes are golden-clad for a reason. You can also build a formidable force quite cheaply, as many deadly pieces come at a high points-price and they are quite powerful indeed. Your army won’t look very large on the table, but when you go with Adeptus Custodes your enemies will definitely be paying attention to your every move.

If you want a small, vicious army that is capable of routing much larger hordes with relative ease, then the deadly Adeptus Custodes might be a perfect fit for you.

To check the current price and availability of Warhammer 40k Adeptus Custodes, click here to view it on Amazon.

Death Guard

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Chaos Death Guards look frightening and amazing. They are quite popular for their looks and their abilities and as such, many starter sets were manufactured and you can get them cheaper than many other types of troops. Start with some heavy-hitters (and these guys hit heavy, indeed!) and some supportive troops to support with flanking or protective maneuvers.

Chaos troops are weird, fun, and deadly, so take advantage of their popularity and build your own nightmare army while building up a little savings. These mutated troops can give you a little psychological edge that can make an enormous difference in gameplay.

To check the current price and availability of Warhammer 40k Death Guard, click here to view it on Amazon.

How Do I Get Free Warhammer 40k Models?

This is one possibility that most people know about but which everyone quickly forgets. You can get free Warhammer 40k models from time to time, provided that you keep an eye out. We’ll give you two examples but the time-investment is going to be up to you.

We recommend checking at least once a month on these options and subscribing to any available mailing list for each of these two. That way you can get informed about any potential freebies that will make nice additions to your army but won’t cost you a penny.

Games Workshop Promotions

Games Workshop offers promotional freebies all the time. Aside from free models, you can get Warhammer collectibles such as free coins, and with paint sets or bundles you can often get tubes of expensive paints thrown in for free.

This can get potentially get you a freebie every month when it comes to models, save you a little on primo paints, and as far as the collectibles, we should note that many of them cannot be purchased from Games Workshop. By using these rare collectibles as rewards, keeping an eye on Games Workshop promotions can get you more than just freebies.

Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter and watch your spam folder so that you can make sure that these useful newsletters don’t all get stuck there. The information inside can help you build your army, get you some rare loot, and save you a pretty penny in the bargain.

Visit Your Local Supplier

Warhammer 40K and role-playing games in general are a labor of love. With this in mind, we urge you to frequently visit and help to support your local supplier. These people care about the games and provide you with local networking options that are arguably even easier than using the web.

They also offer the occasional freebies from time to time. Don’t be afraid to visit your local supplier and ask if they have any free Warhammer 40k models available to practice painting on or simply as a promotion.

Often, they will have some freebies for you. Some of the more active vendors even host occasional small games or little workshops on painting your minis and more. While you are there, check for the traditional posting-board, where you can pin a card stating that you are looking to buy minis.

This old-school strategy really works – you can save a bundle and meet local players in the bargain. So, support your local vendor. It’s the right thing to do and benefits might really surprise you.

How Do I Get Warhammer Cheap?

Building an army is much like defeating one when you really get down to it. It takes a little scouting, a lot of patience, and you can even profit from pitting some groups against each other. It’s all about patience and what you know!

Below we’ve got a list of options to get you started and if you do a bit of comparison shopping, this base of suppliers can get your army built-up quickly and quite frugally. Without further ado, here is our recommended shopping-base for getting your Warhammer itch scratched on the cheap!

Facebook groups

This is often-overlooked option, but you can find a number of deals on Facebook groups. If you are really lucky, someone is getting rid of an entire lot, so be sure to join groups related to the troops you like or specific to trading and set your notifications – because these deals can go FAST.

If you can go equally fast, you can really save a bundle, so watch these groups with an eagle-eye!


This classic option has stood the test of time and great deals pop up ever day. eBay is a great way to get a lot of troops on the cheap, just be sure to check feedback to ensure that your vendor is reputable and avoid anyone that doesn’t have said feedback.

This way you can find some decent savings on troops and paints and you can also email bulk-sellers with a list of troops you are looking for. Sometimes they’ll surprise you and can throw a sale online for your specific requirements that you can access, click buy-it-now, and obtain post-haste.

Wayland Games

Wayland games is a great UK-based option that offers discounted troops, often at around 10% to 20% off and they even throw in free shipping from time to time. If you are in Europe and looking to build up your troops, give them a looksie and see what you think. They’ve been around for a long time and this means your savings potential with them is excellent.


Canadian provider Tistaminis is another great option for building up your own personal horde. Here you can find new troops but even better, you can also get used troops at a fraction of the cost. They offer promotional discounts that often throw in cheap or free shipping, so keep an eye on these guys when you are shopping for new models.

Noble Knight Games

Noble Knight Games is another option for starter sets and much, much more. They have trading options, for instance, if you are looking to get rid of old games and accessories, and they offer numerous promotions and everyday deals that you can really take advantage of.

They ship internationally and have a wide selection, so be sure to check them out when you are comparison shopping and you might snag a great deal.

Element Games

With free shipping available on large orders and discounts of up to 25%, UK-based Element games is a great vendor that can save you some serious cash. Not only do they have paints and troops, but there are a number of specialty items that can streamline your painting and they even have painting tips and more in their ‘community’ section.

This site is well-worth the visit, so don’t miss out.

Why Is Warhammer 40k so Expensive?

While Warhammer 40k feels a little on the expensive side, you have to consider the wide range of armies that Games Workshop needs to provide. Some of the smaller vendors that only offer a specific Warhammer line only need to stock up on their own troops.

By contrast, Games Workshop needs to make an enormous variety of troops available to Warhammer 40k players. This means a hefty investment on their part to keep your favorite troops stocked and ready-to-ship.

When considered from this viewpoint, this game is a labor of love on the part of both the players and Games Workshop. So yes, getting started can be a little on the costly side, but the longevity of the game tells you all that you need to know.

There’s nothing quite like Warhammer 40k and players around the world agree that frankly, this game is worth it.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Building your Warhammer 40k army doesn’t have to break the bank, provided you follow the simple strategies which we have outlined today. It just takes a little time and discipline.

Start by selecting an army that you like which is both appealing and cost effective and factor the power of your model against your point base. Keep an eye out for promotions and freebies from Games Workshop and your local vendors. Finally, do a little price-comparison shopping and don’t be afraid to email about deals.

So, arm yourself with patience, acquire pieces carefully and slowly, and pass the time between acquiring new units painting up your crack-troops to your liking. In no time, you’ll have that formidable army that you’ve been looking for!

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