Pokémon Card Price Checker – 4 Legit Options

Pokémon Card Price Checker

Pokémon cards are a valuable collectible popular among all trading card fans worldwide. Collectors aim to seek out rare and valuable cards to add to their collections; it is, therefore, important to always know the value of your Pokémon cards. Knowing the value of your cards as a collector helps you make informed decisions when buying, selling, and trading the cards.

In this article, we will help make it easier for Pokémon card collectors to check the value of their existing cards and make more informed decisions in the future.

Key Takeaways

  • You can check the value of your cards from the comfort of your home by visiting reputable card-valuing websites.
  • The professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) website remains the best site to grade your most valuable cards.
  • Review and compare prices on different websites before settling on a card value when you are trading.

How to Check the Value of Your Pokémon Cards

You can use various methods to check the value of your Pokémon card collection. They include:

  • Print or Online Price Guides

The most notable price guides for Pokémon cards today are Beckett and PSA. You can check your card’s value on their websites or magazines, where prices are regularly updated. The sites use market demand, card condition, and rarity to determine the card’s worth.

  • Auction Sites and Online Marketplaces

Visiting sites such as eBay and TCGPlayer can offer a rough estimate of what your cards might be worth when you compare them to those sold on the sites. The sites accurately indicate the current market value of the cards.

  • Consulting an Expert or Professional Cards Valuer

It would be best if you considered seeking the advice of a professional when you have a valuable collection or are unsure of the value of your cards. Seeking professional valuation services will be a good decision when you sell your collection and are still trying to figure out its value.

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Can You Scan Pokémon Cards for the Price?

You can scan your Pokémon cards on certain mobile apps and online tools to check the card’s value. Mobile apps such as Pokémon Trading Card Game Card Dex and TCGPlayer are convenient ways to check for an estimated price of your cards. 

The apps and online tools have Pokeman card value scanners that use image recognition software to identify the Pokémon cards. The tools provide an estimated value based on the up-to-date market valuation.

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The Pokémon card scanning tools may not provide an accurate price estimate since they may not always factor in the cards’ rarity, condition, and market demand. Therefore, ensure you do further research on the market value of the cards and compare the prices with what you have from the tools.

What Is the Best Website to Check Pokémon Card Prices?

The best places to check the value of your cards are Pokémon-specific resources, online marketplaces, professional grading service providers, or on community forums. Here is an in-depth review of the best websites to visit and get a valuation of your Pokémon cards collection.

  • Best Pokemon-Specific Resource Site – TCGPlayer
Best Pokemon-Specific Resource Site - TCGPlayer

TCGPlayer is considered the leading authority by the Pokémon community worldwide. The site allows you to search by card or by set. What sets TCGPlayer apart from other Pokémon resources is the following factors.

  • They combine data from physical game stores, online markets places, and individual sellers to develop a highly accurate card value estimate.
  • They provide a comparison of different prices, including the prices from the site itself (Market price), wholesale pricing (Buylist Market Price), and an aggregate from all listed prices (Listed Median Price)
  • They provide the price history of the cards.


  • Useful price analysis, including graphs that show price fluctuation
  • The prices are up to date
  • Reasonable cards prices


  • There are no photos included on the listing
  • Currency is restricted to USD
  • There are limited foreign language cards
  • Best Online MarketplaceeBay
ebay pokemon marketplace

eBay is an excellent site to check Pokémon card prices. The site is considered the largest marketplace for single Pokémon cards. Therefore, eBay provides accurate and up-to-date prices since it is a very active marketplace. Owing to the rapid changes to Pokémon cards during trading, we highly recommend checking out the prices on eBay before listing your Pokémon cards.


  • Prices are highly accurate due to the high volume of market trading
  • Photos accompany cards listing
  • The site is easy to navigate, making it easy to locate cards
  • Foreign language cards are easy to find and buy
  • You can get some great deals from bidding on the cards


  • There is no additional data on card prices.
Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA)

PSA is a third-party US grading company with a great track record at grading valuable Pokémon card collections. They claim to have authenticated and valued over 40 million cards worth more than a billion dollars!


  • PSA-graded cards are worth more than any other professionally graded cards due to PSA’s reputation and higher costs of valuation.
  • High accuracy levels, especially when it comes to grading high-value vintage cards.
  • PSA often offers higher grades compared to other professional grading sites
  • PSA registry allows collectors to show off their valuable cards, complete sets, and compete with other collectors
  • They have a proven track record with millions of cards valued.


  • They have higher valuation costs compared to other valuers
  • They take longer to do valuations 
  • Their grade labels are less eye-catching for higher-graded items than other sites.

Best Community Forums – Reddit

Reddit pokemon

The Pokémon Reddit community has a population of over 4 million Pokémon players and fans. The forum has numerous threads focused on card trading and everything about Pokémon cards.

Browsing through the threads can offer you a rough estimate of card prices and recent trading trends.


  • Allows open discussion of current Pokémon news
  • Easy to use and contribute opinions
  • The site has unique valuation content from Pokémon enthusiasts from around the world.
  • Easy to get up-to-date cards prices from other traders


  • Sifting through the numerous subreddits to find relevant content can be exhausting.

What Are Pokémon Cards Worth Money in 2022?

Some of the valuable cards in 2022 fall into the three categories below.

  • Rare or Hard-To-Find Cards From Early Sets
Rare or Hard-To-Find Cards From Early Sets

Cards from the earliest sets or those only available in certain countries are considered rare and valuable. Most card collectors are likely to pay premium prices to acquire these cards. 

The first edition Pokémon cards value will be high in 2022. The Holographic Charizard first edition Pokémon card was sold at $420,000 at a PWCC auction in March 2022!

Cards With High Demand

Cards With High Demand

These cards are popular in competitive play and have a high nostalgia. The card’s high demand often drives up its value. 

The 1995 Pokémon cards’ value is currently high owing to their high nostalgic value. The 1995 Pokémon Japanese Topsun Charizard with Scarce Blue Back was sold at $493,230 in 2021.

  • Unique Cards 
Unique Cards 

Cards that have distinct features or characteristics are often very valuable. These are cards that contain misprints, errors, or holographic images. The cards are in high demand among collectors. 

The Pikachu Illustrator card is a good example of a valuable unique card. The card has a unique feature where instead of the ‘trainer’ at the top, it has the word ‘illustrator.’ It also has a unique pen symbol and a double rarity star at the bottom right corner. 

The Pikachu Illustrator card was sold at an auction for $5,275,000 in early 2022.


It is important to know the value of your Pokémon cards collection, and as noted from the article, there are reliable sites you can use to do the valuation. We recommend using all the price checker resources listed above and comparing the prices to make a more accurate valuation of your cards.

Alternatively, we recommend using trusted professional grading services such as PSA for the valuable cards to get a more accurate grading. 

Visit the sites and make an informed decision before trading.

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